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What Does it Take to Make it in the Hunting Industry?

August 2, 2016

by: Jeremy Myers, Bowtech Ambassador

“What does it take to make it in the hunting industry?” I get messages about this often. Well, here is my best advice. The first thing you need to remember is there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing you are. I mean if you are a hunter, who wouldn’t love to do it for a living? The truth of the matter is it is extremely hard to get into the industry and make a living. In fact, some shows have operated in debt for few years before breaking even. Also, some of the people still work full-time jobs and do shows on the side. However, with that being said, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. For someone wanting to get started in the industry my best advice is to start filming your hunts and get some clean shots, quality tasteful video, and high quality photos. You do not need crazy expensive cameras to get good film. I do suggest getting a camera that is HD . Filming is a lot harder then most people realize though. With filming you now have to make the shot with your weapon and get the animal in frame, on camera. Plus, if you have a camera man, you now have double the scent and equipment in the tree. Keep in mind you don’t want all the blood, gore or even profanity involved. It’s just bad taste and can be a deal breaker. Once you have this under your belt approach a few smaller companies to get your feet wet. Chances are if they like what your doing you may get what is called an industry deal. This usually consists of a discount on their products. Think of it this way, most companies don’t want to give you anything. They want to see what you can do first. So, take advantage of this and if your passionate and provide positive content, it’s much easier to increase your agreement. Remember everyone is calling or emailing these companies claiming to be the next big thing. So, of course these companies are going to be hesitant to invest even product in you. Would you just go giving your products or financial backing to just anyone? Absolutely not! So why would they? These companies have been burned by so many empty promises it’s not even funny. Your main goal should be to be different and not do the same thing everyone else is. Set yourself apart. I always suggest start small and grow with a company and prove yourself. I have been at it for several years now and I have found this to work for me. I’m not saying it’s the right way or even the best way, I’m just saying this is what I have done. Always, always, always be honest, hard working, and humble. Never ever over promise and under deliver. Don’t name drop. Companies don’t care who you know, they want to know what you can do to promote their company in a positive manor better than the next guy. Your reputation goes a long way in this industry. Once you get into the industry, you will start to see every one talks to each other for the most part and that’s where your reputation is important. A tarnished reputation will spread like wildfire. And, killing monster bucks isn’t the only way to get into the industry. In my experience, most people want to see real life situations and the average 130-150 inch deer the vast majority of people encounter. Hard work, loyalty, honesty and positive promotion will get you a long way. It takes a huge amount of time, dedication, drive and at times you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but don’t give up. I am really no one special or even a big name in this industry ,but these are some of the things I have learned over the years. Success is all based on what your perception of success is. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible because I am living proof that it is. No I’m not famous, but when I started in the industry I was laughed at and told I would never amount to anything or anyone. I used that negativity and turned it into motivation. It all comes down to how bad you want it. I am happy with my accomplishments and my perception of success.