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Whitetail Reign Finds Big Velvet Success in Georgia

September 14, 2016

by: William Reynolds, Whitetail Reign

After the 2015 season, Michael Lowery‘s life took a new turn and he found himself hunting some new territory in 2016, Georgia. Throughout 2016 Mike was getting a lot of trail cam pics on this new ground and one buck in particular, a heavy, wide 6 point immediately went to the top of the hit list.

They biggest challenge Mikey faced was this deer was favoring the a.m., and with filming for Whitetail Reign he knew there was a lot more than climb into the stand and hunt. He had to take into account the camera setups and the additional person in the tree, adding to the challenge.

But, the stars aligned and Mikey and his field producer Lee Metcalf found themselves facing the Big 6 only 5 minutes after daylight on opening morning. Lee settled in, was able to gain enough light for the camera and Mikey let the BT-X do its job.

It’s always gratifying to see people find success, but it’s especially sweet to see Mikey get early success this year as he awaits the birth of his first child this fall. It fills the freezer and fuels that fire all hunters have, and in the end it’s just one of many reasons why he refuses to follow.

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