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3 Steps to a Successful Backcountry Elk Hunt

August 19, 2016

By: Brett Gesh, Bowtech Ambassador

When I start looking at new backcountry spots I use most of the same techniques as I would if I was on a road system. The biggest difference, I feel, is the overall prep that is involved. If you are going in five to ten miles, you want to make sure you do your homework.

Step 1:

Map Work: The one thing that I key in on most of all is the map work. You look for all the same things like water, food, and bedding areas. I hunt steep and deep country, so I am also looking for flat benches and natural travel paths from ridges to canyons.

Step 2:

Scouting: Once you find an area to check out, get in there and walk trails and look for any general kind of sign. (tracks, scat, and rubs etc.)

Step 3:

Hunt Preparation: I highly recommend when doing your map work, always look for alternate routes to get out. Sometimes you just never know where you could end up if you are trailing a herd of rutting elk or a bull that was hit in just one lung.

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Good luck and happy hunting!!