Paige Pearce on the podium

The 2022 ASA Pro-AM season is underway. Bowtech Archery is excited to share that Paige Pearce took the top spot in the Women’s Known 50 class at the kickoff event in Foley, AL. Well, known as one of the number one target archers in the world, Paige has focused primarily on indoor target and outdoor fita shooting. With the introduction of the Women’s Known 50 class into the ASA, it has drawn more target-oriented female pros to participate in the 3D pro division. We are excited to continue to see Paige’s winning performance in the growing division.

When asked about the tournament, Paige Pearce shared: “This was my first ASA after deciding to include it in my tournament schedule for the year, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! The challenging part of this format is the fact there are no dots to aim at, so you really need to know the targets, and then you are trying to shoot a small 12-ring that sits on the edge of the 10-ring rather than on the middle. It’s very different than what I am used to doing, but thankfully my Reckoning 38 was incredibly forging throughout the weekend and helped me land on the top of the podium!”

“Paige winning the kickoff ASA event shows how well she adapts to different types of competitive archery,” said Todd Snader, Bowtech Brand and Shooting Staff Manager. “Making the switch back and forth isn’t easy, but Paige puts in the work to stay on top and we are proud that she is a member of our Bowtech Family.”

Next up for Paige is the NFAA Indoor Championships on March 18th in Louisville, KY, and many more. Paige once again is on the path to a record-breaking season. Stay tuned for more.

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