tim gillingham podium placement

Tim Gillingham not only puts the hammer down in 3D, but he also shows who’s boss in FITA style shooting. This weekend at the USAT Arizona Cup, Tim took the Gold Medal in the Masters Class for the 2nd year in a row! FITA style shooting not only tests archer’s skills but also their ability to play the wind, often a make-or-break factor. Tim’s often ridiculed “shoot-on-command” style shooting is perfectly at home here and his titles after titles prove it. Tim’s a beast indoors and out and there’s more to come in 2022.

After sealing the deal on the victory, Tim Gillingham shared: “More and more Bowtech bows are showing up at the premiere events in archery. The podium is hard to achieve and there’s nothing like having my Reckoning 38 to get me to the top!”

“Tim literally just won his 2nd ASA tournament and flew straight to this USAT event to do it again. It’s amazing how Tim continues to stay in top form with an otherwise exhausting schedule.” said Todd Snader, Brand and Shooting Staff Manager. “Tim makes us proud everywhere he goes and in everything he does for the sport. We’re excited to see what he does next!”

Next up for Tim, is the NFAA Break The Barriers event then on to the 3rd stop of the ASA in Camp Minden. Stay tuned for more from Tim Gillingham!

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