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Whitetail Reign Finds Big Velvet Success in Georgia

by: William Reynolds, Whitetail Reign After the 2015 season, Michael Lowery‘s life took a new turn and he found himself hunting some new territory in 2016, Georgia. Throughout 2016 Mike was getting a lot of trail cam pics on this new ground and one buck in particular, a heavy, wide 6 point immediately went to the […]


Arizona Archery Velvet Muley Hunt

by: Jon Yokley, Bowtech Pro Staff After a successful Arizona desert spot and stalk pronghorn hunt this August, my friend and hunting buddy Tiger and I decided to try our luck on some of the very elusive OTC desert muleys. The success rate for archery in Arizona runs between 3% and 7% most years, so you can […]


A Dream of Velvet Whitetail

by: Eric Taylor, Bowtech Pro Staff We all dream of the moment when the stars align in our favor in pursuit of our goals. The moment of truth. As hunters it is up to us to be ready when opportunity knocks. If you’re not prepared, the missed opportunity will eat at you for a long time. You’ll hear […]


Spot and Stalk Speed Goat in the Arizona Desert

by: Jon Yokely, Bowtech Pro Staff On the ground, eye to eye is my preferred style of hunting as I’ve only taken only a few of my many critters over water. Last count on my big game animals tops out at 114. Six weeks prior to the open of the Arizona pronghorn season were consumed with […]


How to Create a Natural Foodplot

by: Jeremy Starks, Bowtech Ambassador Following these steps can improve the wildlife habitat on your property. Regular removing along roads or right of ways creates constant new growth. This new growth is preferable and  beneficial to wildlife. Deer and other species will browse the tender shoots of Blackberry, greenbrier, pokeweed, and many native warm season grasses Create […]


Using Maps to Determine Trail Cam Placement

by: Jeremy Myers, Bowtech Ambassador We all love that time of year when we have our trail cameras out and start getting pictures of bucks in velvet. The anticipation and suspense continues to grow as the summer comes to an end and season draws near. This is really my favorite time to have cameras out […]


Powershift: Shift Into the Season With Confidence

by: Tom D. Spisz, Bowtech Pro Staff Bowtech offers a very unique tunable technology known as, PowerShift Technology, on eleven of their bows, these bows include either the PowerDisc3 or the FlipDisk2. This Technology is unmatched by any compound bow on the market today.  The PowerDisk3 offers three bows in one; Comfort, Classic, or Performance […]


Choices: An Alaskan Musk Ox Hunt

by: Paul Atkins, Bowtech Pro Staff When summer ends and I get ready to head back to Alaska each fall, decisions have to be made on what to pack and not to pack. It’s a big undertaking and at times can be quite cumbersome. Clothes, food, and everything else that must sustain me for the […]