Refuse to Follow isn’t just a tag line, it’s what we do. Every technology we develop has a specific benefit in mind, not just bells and whistles, or lipstick. Our technologies make archers better and more successful every step of the way.

Deadlock Technology

Now you can trust your bow to deliver peak accuracy every shot, and never lose its tune mid-season, mid-match or in the middle of trying to get it done. Bowtech’s patented DeadLock Cam System gives you permanently-perfect arrow flight and all the accuracy and confidence that comes with it…with none of the weak links of other tuning methods, so it will never fail you. Just tune it, lock it, trust it. It’s the only cam that locks in accuracy.

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Binary Cam

The Binary Cam system which consists of two synchronized cams. This delivers perfect vertical knock travel because each cam lets out the bowstring at the same exact rate. They also take up the bowstring at the same rate keeping your knock directly behind the arrow vertically as it is fired.

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