Carbon One hunting bow
Carbon One hunting bow

Carbon One

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  • A whole new look in Carbon bows. Flowing, sexy lines that stand far above the competitors.
  • The only carbon bow featuring the smoothest experience before, during, and after the shot.
  • Equipped with the DeadLock Cam System: the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.
  • The strategically engineered carbon riser, coupled with the Orbit Dampeners virtually eliminates all felt vibration on the shot.
  • Comporte la queue d'aronde Integrate Mounting System pour une utilisation avec les repose-flèches équipés de l'IMS.
  • The strategically positioned Orbit Dampeners virtually eliminate vibration and noise on the shot.
  • Les options de décoration alternatives et personnalisées sont soumises à des suppléments.