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Should Women Shoot Women Specific Bows?

August 24, 2016

by: Aimee Burnett-Hartwig & featuring Lora Varju, Bowtech Pro Staff

We’ve all heard the statistics, women and children are the fasting growing demographics in the hunting industry. Over the last decade or so companies have ramped up efforts to hone in on the female hunter, creating whole lines of clothing and gear designed to fit a woman’s body and needs. For those of us women who entered the hunting world prior to this change we know how difficult it could be back then to find clothing, weapons and gear that felt comfortable and looked good. But, I also think because of this transition there also now seems to be some added confusion. Let me clarify that by sharing a question I am frequently asked. “Why doesn’t Bowtech make bows that fit women with longer draw lengths?”

The answer is simple. We do. It may not be a “women specific” bow, but that doesn’t mean it was designed with only a man in mind. For instance, this year’s flagship bow the BT-X comes in two different offerings allowing for a wide-range of draw lengths. The BT-X 28 accommodates draw lengths between 25.5″ and 28″.  The BT-X 31 fits those with draw lengths between 27”-31″.

Lora Varju, who is a member of the Bowtech Pro Staff, shoots the BT-X 28 and offered us some feedback.

“Bowtech has outdone themselves with the new BT-X. As a petite woman, 5’1 with only a 26” draw, I have felt limited in the past in terms of what is available in performance hunting bows. Prior to the BT-X, I was shooting the Bowtech Heartbreaker, a women specific bow.  Like many women, I used to be quick to reach for the bows designed for women, but always wished I had more power. With the BT-X, Bowtech has created a bow with maximum accuracy and power for any shooter male or female. Here are a few things I love about the BT-X: it has “set it and forget it” durability, and an incredibly smooth draw. I love that this bow has so much more speed and power, even in the comfort setting, than I’m used to. I did sacrifice a little in the area of overall weight of the bow for the incredible durability, strength and smoothness. Bowtech also offers some great camo patterns to go with it, and lets face it, as a woman I also care about the way it looks.”

Lora Varju, Bowtech Pro Staff

Ultimately, whether you buy a women specific bow or not, you want to buy the bow that feels good to you and you enjoy shooting. My recommendation is head to your local Bowtech dealer and shoot the Bowtech line-up. You’ll typically know pretty fast which bow is right for you.