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Super Tune Your Bow Using Smart Bow Technology

August 22, 2016

by: Jeremy Starks, Bowtech Ambassador

Jeremy shows you how to use the Bowtech Micro Sync Dial to easily adjust your timing without a bow press. The latest Bowtech technology allows you to fine tune your bow at home or in the field.

Step 1 

Begin by checking the the timing at full draw. For this step you will need some assistance. Draw the bow and slightly ease up and pull back against the draw stops. Have someone watch to see if the draw stops are contacting the cable simultaneously. 

Step 2

Adjust the Micro Sync Dial on the cam that first makes contact.( Eg.. If the bottom cam draw stop contacts the cable first then move the bottom dial. ) Adjust the dial by loosening the Allen screw, slightly lifting and rotating the dial one number at a time. There is no need to completely remove the dial screw. After adjustment tighten the screw. 

Step 3 

Recheck the timing and shoot the bow. Repeat Step 2 until the draw stop contacts simultaneously and/or arrow flight is desirable.