Locked in Accuracy shot after shot

What to look for when buying your target bow

When selecting the perfect target shooting bow you need to be thinking about how to achieve consistent accuracy time and again. We have loaded our target bows with cutting edge technology to put you on target and help you win.

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Competition Conditions Understanding where you are shooting can have a big impact on the bow you select. If you shoot indoors bow speed is irrelevant. Outdoor competitions typically require higher speed bows.

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Feel The “feel” of a bow is difficult to quantify but you want a bow that is not too heavy, the draw cycle matches with yours, the grip is comfortable, and how does the bow feel when fully drawn – is it easy to hold or ready to fire.

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Tunability When dialing in your spread a great target bow allows for multiple tuning points to maximize your accuracy.

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Locked in Settings Once you have tuned your bow to be on target you don’t want those settings moving after each shot. Finding a bow that can lock in those settings will increase your accuracy and trips to the podium.

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Simple adjustments When you’re at a competition you may need to make adjustments on the fly. Look for a bow that offers multiple adjustment points without the need for large specialized tools to help you get back in action.

the next generation of target archery innovation

We partner with world champion archers like @timgillingham and @paigepearce to lock in technology to help them dominate local, regional and worldwide competitions. We are constantly listening to the target archery community to provide innovative solutions to help you step to the top of the podium.

The Reckoning Gen2 is going to meet the needs of every target archer. Every single piece of technology on the bow is customizable to the individual person.

Paige Pearce – World Champion Archer Paige Pierce Headshot

The DeadLock Cam System is the best cam system I have ever seen in my 40-year archery career. Now with TimeLock, another unique and innovative feature from Bowtech to elevate the accuracy game.

Tim Gillingham – World Champion Archer tim gillingham

How to choose the best target bow

Where are you target shooting?

Whether or you are shooting indoors or outdoors can have a big impact on the target bow you choose. Indoor archery competitions have fewer variables and don’t require high speed bows. Outdoor competitions often require higher speed bows as you can be shooting at unknown distances and targets.

archery competition location
Target bow axle to axle

What Axle to Axle do you need on a target bow?

Finding a bow that fits your draw length is critical to insuring you’re accurate shot after shot. You want the bow to be comfortable when at full draw and dialing in the target. The best way to determine which bow is right for you is to visit a local dealer and test a few out.

Can you make adjustments to your Target Bow?

A great target bow allows you to make multiple adjustment points along the bow to lock in your accuracy. Not every competition is the same, not every shooter is the same. Being able to easily adjust your settings during a competition can get you on the podium more often.

target archery bow adjustments
target archery bow speed

What Speed do you need in a target bow?

Finding a target bow with the right speed depends a lot on where you are shooting. Outdoor competitions require higher speeds to combat multiple variable like wind and weather. Indoor compettions are more forgiving and don’t require higher speed bows.

Can you trust your target bow in a competition?

Having total confidence in your bow when you’re shooting is an x-factor that is sure to get you on the podium more often. The ability to lock in your settings once you’ve dialed them in and have total trust that they are not moving can give you the confidence that your bow won’t let you down on the big stage.

trust your target archery bow
Target archery bow feel

How does a target bow feel?

The feeling of a target bow in your hands can have a big impact on your accuracy. If it’s uncomfortable to shoot or leaves you in a bad shooting form the chance of you hitting the target will go down. Adjusting your bow to dial in the feeling can give you multiple options other bow can’t.

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