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Olivia Poston

Age:    12    Height:    5’5” Weight:

Years Shooting: 3

Occupation:  Student Middle School

Draw Length: 26”  





Current Equipment

Indoor Setup   

Bow:     Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:    Easton Fatboys  292 grain

Fletching:   Pine Ridge Nitro 2.2

Release:    Carter Pinky HT 2000

Sight:    CBE TEK Hybrid Pro 5 pin

Rest:    Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro

Bow Strings:  ABB

3-d Setup

Bow:     Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:    Easton Fatboys  292 grain

Fletching:   Pine Ridge Nitro 2.2

Release:    Carter Pinky HT 2000


Sight:    CBE TEK Hybrid Pro 5 pin

Rest:    Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro

Bow Strings:  ABB


Optics:  Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42

Hunting Setup

Bow:  Eva Shockey Signature Series

Release: Tru Fire Edge Fold Back

Arrows:  Easton Axis

Broadhead:  Ramcat 125 grain

Vanes:  Bohning Blazers

Sight: Apex Covert

Stabilizer:  Stokerized SSI

Bow Strings:  ABB

Optics: Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42

Hobbies:   Hunting, Playing Fast Pitch Softball(Catcher), Reading, Art

Release Style: Trigger

Tips for hunters:  Be patient and Take the time to Scout.

Tips for tournament archers:  Always be confident in your shot, During a tournament you can only control the shot that has not happened, leave the last  shot at the target and shoot one arrow at a time.