Team Bowtech

Ralph Mancini

Ralph J. Mancini, married with two children: Michael age 12 and Peter age 8. Born and raised in upstate New york, I was raised on hunting and fishing. Weekends couldn’t come quick enough, and during hunting season my dad and I were out with the dogs hunting rabbits and pheasants as much as we could. Looking back on my youth, the only thing that rivaled hunting was playing football. My dad always said that there is no better way to build an appreciation for nature and the awsome power of the Almighty than to spend time in nature. He was right. This is a tradition and a passion that my dad passed on to me and one I hope to pass on to my kids and grandkids. Michael is already a crack shot and he will be hunting deer for the first time this fall. And dad…well he is 81 and I fully expect that he will be in a blind with me this fall. Safe hunting…and God Bless.