Overseas Military Discount

ATTENTION: Due to restrictions that could cause our shipments to be returned or even in some cases destroyed, please insure that your overseas shipping address will accept our product. If your location does not allow you to receive our product, your next option would be to utilize our Stateside Military Discount Program instead. Bowtech must adhere to military protocol currently being enforced regarding those stationed in restricted locations. Thank you for your service and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience beyond our control.

PLEASE NOTE that there is now a shipping and handling charge on qualifying Military bow orders. These are a result of compliance with current DOD policies. Bowtech will do it’s best to keep your costs as low as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Bowtech products. Our Overseas Military Discount Program is designed to provide much needed R&R for members of our armed forces on active duty serving our great country outside the US.

If you are interested in taking part in this program, click this link to access the order form, and email it to [email protected]. If you have any issues or concerns you may contact us at [email protected].