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Jim Burnworth

Jim Burnworth, an icon in outdoor television as a television host, producer & director. He has been in the broadcast television and video business directing national and regional level programs for over 20 years and has now brought his expertise to the outdoor industry. Being raised in the Pacific Northwest, the outdoors have always been a big part of his life. When he shot his first arrow, it was second nature as hunting and fishing are in his blood. Jim also sets out to bring as any new hunters as possible into the sport. He not only provides them with the proper equipment for hunting, he takes time to teach them shooting skills and hunting ethics. His technical understanding of archery and the equipment allows him to shoot more efficiently and teach the sport more effectively. Keeping hunting alive and bringing as many people as possible to it through the actual experience or simply through the excitement of television is what he lives for. Jim resides in Washington State with his wife, Lorrie, and their five beautiful children. Watch Jim on Western Extreme on the Outdoor Channel.

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